The 451 Take on Cloud-Native: Truly Transformative for Enterprise IT

The 451 Take on Cloud-Native: Truly Transformative for Enterprise IT

Helping to shape the modern software development and IT operations paradigms, cloud-native represents a significant shift in enterprise IT. In this report, 451 Research defines cloud-native and offer some perspective on why it matters and what it means for the industry.

“Just like DevOps, cloud-native technologies and methodologies are now being attached to digital transformation efforts, and are expanding their presence in enterprise IT. Right now, the cloud-native trend consists mainly of containers, microservices, Kubernetes, service mesh and serverless, but we may see intersections of these different approaches with adjacent trends, as well as new ones.

In addition to application development and deployment in the public cloud, cloud-native is connected to private and hybrid clouds and the ability to run applications consistently across different IT environments. Kubernetes, for example, is not only container management and orchestration software, but it is also a distributed application framework – one that is timed well with enterprise use of hybrid environments that span multiple clouds, as well as on-premises infrastructure.”


By Jay Lyman, Fernando Montenegro, Matt Aslett, Owen Rogers, Melanie Posey, Brian Partridge, William Fellows, Simon Robinson, Mike Fratto, Liam Rogers

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