451 Research Report Reprint – Amid Coronavirus Uncertainty, Analytics Should Remain an Enterprise Priority

451 Research Report Reprint – Amid Coronavirus Uncertainty, Analytics Should Remain an Enterprise Priority

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis is rapidly disrupting the business world, causing enterprises in multiple industries to rethink their strategic plans. The global trade disruption that came as a result of the pandemic is unprecedented.

According to the research done by 451 Research, more than half of enterprises expect to experience a major disruption to their business within six months. These disruptions include a struggle to deliver services, problems repaying debt, and more. Seeing as the research was conducted before the impact to travel and work restrictions truly kicked in for most respondents, that estimate may in fact be an optimistic one.

Enterprises in every industry are being forced to rethink priorities in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. The business intelligence and analytics sector will likely be significantly affected by the shift, seeing as it’s been proven to be the highest priority technology for two years in a row according to 451 Research’s survey results. Despite enterprises making efforts to cut back on unnecessary spending to say above water, this sector’s importance isn’t waning.

It’s only becoming clearer that the importance of data and analytics has arguably never been greater. Data and analytics are key for enterprises to shape the strategic decision-making that will ensure these businesses’ long-term survival. This is all while enterprises in other industries are turning to analytics to figure out how to best respond to the challenges brought about by the current disruption.

Why exactly should analytics and data be priority number one for enterprises during these times? What are the various ways enterprises are reacting to the disruption? What’s the case for acceleration? Download the full 451 Research report reprint to get the answers to those questions, coupled with charts and specific data to substantiate the claims made, and read more about how analytics should remain a priority amid the Coronavirus uncertainty.

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