Pepperdata products bring active resource management and quality of service features to Big Data environments. This includes fine-grained visibility into every application’s usage of CPU, memory, network, and disks in real time. Pepperdata products are delivered to the market as a combination of software running on customer’s clusters (whether on-premise or in the cloud) and as SaaS solutions.

Cluster Analyzer

Cluster Analyzer provides fine-grained visibility into workloads, down to the task level, to drastically decrease troubleshooting time via the use of the most comprehensive set of correlated big data metrics available. Cluster Analyzer is also available for Amazon EMR.

  • Troubleshoot complex performance problems
  • Correlate jobs, users, and hardware resources
  • Get custom alerts on 300+ metrics
  • Get accurate chargeback reports

Capacity Optimizer

Capacity Optimizer leverages active resource management features to dynamically alleviate inefficiencies and bottlenecks without the need for manual job tuning or cluster tuning.

  • Run more jobs on your existing cluster
  • Run jobs faster on your existing cluster
  • Reduce your hardware footprint

Policy Enforcer

Policy Enforcer leverages quality of service features to dynamically grant high-priority access to CPU, memory, and disk I/O in accordance with predefined policy definitions.

  • Ensure on-time execution of critical jobs
  • Meet SLA commitments
  • Support multi-tenancy

Application Profiler

Application Profiler analyzes all Hadoop and Spark jobs running on the cluster and provides developers with technical insights on how each job performed.

  • Actionable recommendations for tuning jobs
  • Validate tuning changes made to applications with a before and after comparison
  • Greenlight production-ready jobs